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What's This For?

Hi there! My name is Emily and from 2014–2016 I shipped a card game about horses, love, and bad narratives to hundreds of pony fans across the globe. With 2020 being a colossal dumpster fire the world could use a little of that fandom magic again so I've launched enabling attendees of online cons to get their hands on the game. (Plus I would really like to reclaim my bedroom closet!)

What is Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder?
TSSSF is an open source incredibly silly tongue-in-cheek cooperative card game where players take turns expanding (or decimating!) a grid of cartoon horse relationships.

Okay, but how is the game actually played?
Players take turns building out a grid connecting Pony cards to other Pony cards using (relation)Ship cards. Players win when they earn a number of points by achieving story narratives (ex. "Ship X with Y") determined by Goal cards. For a more in depth explanation check out the long form rules.

Who created TSSSF?
The game was created by Caytlin + Ryan Vilbrandt and Captain Mwai of the now defunct Horrible People Games.

If the game is open source why should I buy it from you?
The convenience of getting your hands on a mid 2010's professionally printed copy of a now harder-to-find FiM fandom original? Idk, this one you may need to answer for yourself :)

Where will you ship to?
All orders ship from Baltimore, Maryland, USA to anywhere USPS, UPS, or DHL is currently servicing. See the USPS Service Announcement for current disruptions.

So if your convention booth is called Discounted Shipping why am I paying for postage?
The booth name is a play on the relationships you'll be putting the horses in and some products are on sale during the event—though our postage rates are based on commercial pricing.

How can I learn more about the rules of TSSSF and even make my own cards?
Check out The Children of Kefentse, they're a fan group of Secret Shipfic enthusiasts and the source for those looking to go deeper.